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About me

I've always written stories about people and places. When I was at art college my sketchbooks were filled with as many written notes as sketches, and my final show featured limited edition books of my own images and text. Since then, Iíve kept the stories alive while working at various IT and web jobs. In 1995-96 I was fortunate enough to attend the part-time course in Creative Writing at Sussex University.
I'm currently based in one of the Home Counties, though my heart's still down in Brighton, where I lived for several years and which I used as the setting for my first novel, Eva. My favourite authors include: Paul Auster, William Trevor, Peter Carey, Raymond Chandler, JG Farrell, Michael Chabon, Philip Pullman, Kate Atkinson, Angela Carter Ö

About my writing

Some of my fiction draws on my experiences from the world of work, but whatever the setting I'm intrigued by the motivations and hidden lives of my characters. You can find out more about my writing in the Read now section.
If you'd like to send me a comment about my novellas, or this website, then let me know via paj(dot)stelleva(at)gmail(dot)com.

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